At 7am on a Friday morning, twelve tired but excited girls and staff set off to Berlin for a highly anticipated Gold Arts Award trip.

It proved just as incredible as we had hoped, as we were greeted with lovely weather and an itinerary filled to the brim with engaging tasks and events. A definite highlight was the walking tour of Berlin’s iconic graffiti. From mini portraits of weeping girls spread across the city, representative of the gentrification of Berlin, to pieces stretched across the expanse of entire buildings and walls, this street art surpassed anything we’d ever seen before. A particularly moving moment was, of course, visiting the Holocaust Memorial, as we walked through towering concrete slabs, immersed in an atmosphere of remembrance. We also met inspirational artists, explored beautiful theatres and galleries, as well as going on a much needed boat ride, allowing us to put up our feet and take in the gorgeous weather and architecture surrounding us.

To say the least, none of us wanted this three-day trip to end, not ready to let go of our great historical and artistic experiences. In fact, many of us were thoroughly convinced that Berlin would be a wonderful place to move to, even picking out our future apartments! Both the girls and staff had a fantastic time, and we would like to thank everyone involved in organising such an insightful trip.