At the start of term we were so pleased to welcome back former student Samira Sohail (Class of 2004). In her talk to the Sixth Form she recounted some of her experiences throughout her professional and personal life as she believes in taking a more holistic approach when it comes to making life choices. It was not advice per se but observations and five short stories for students to connect with in some way and provided glimmers of inspiration as Upper 6 start to forge their own paths as part of the UCAS decision-making process. Her talk was very positively received and a real shot of inspiration at the beginning of the school year.

Samira works at the intersection of technology, media and investing as a Product and Business Consultant to early stage startups across London and New York. She has over 9 years’ industry experience across media, technology and finance having worked for both the BBC and as a Venture Capital investor. At the BBC she grew and launched their digital services, including BBC News, iPlayer and transitioned the youth TV channel BBC Three into a digital-only service. Samira studied Maths at Trinity College, Cambridge and is a strong advocate for better representation in STEM fields.

Samira hosts is host of the Samira Stalks podcast, an interview series with reckless dreamers and global change-makers. She brings a fresh and diverse voice to the world of startups. We are so grateful to her for taking time out from her busy schedule to come and speak to us and hope that she will return to see us again soon.