In September 2018, our PE Department set up a Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) with the aim of providing a supportive infrastructure to help enable and encourage the school’s most talented sportspeople to maximise their potential and meet their personal aspirations of playing at the highest possible level. The goal of the scheme is to support the long-term athletic development of young aspiring athletes, putting them in the best possible position at the end of their time here to enjoy a long and successful career in sport. Application for the program was open to all students from Years 7 to 13, from which 15 athletes were chosen according to set sporting criteria in conjunction with the Performance Pathway and the Talent Pathway set out by UKsport and Sport England.

There are pupils on the scheme competing in a range of sports such as tennis, lacrosse, netball, swimming, golf, trampolining, gymnastics, fencing and kayaking. Successful candidates have access to a number of sessions throughout the year that encompass all elements of training and performance, such as; Sports Science Support (Strength & Conditioning), Specialist Skills Training, Sports Performance Education, Performance Monitoring and nutritional advice. Our excellent links with elite athletes and local clubs provide further opportunities for pupils to develop outside of school in a structured environment. This includes opportunities for athletes to visit elite training centres, meet with previous Olympic and World champions, as well as have access to professional nutritionists and physiotherapists.

Applications will re-open each September, continually enabling the school’s most talented athletes to excel fully in their chosen sport(s), not just at school, but also at club, regional, national and international level.