On Tuesday 11 December 2018, 70 Sixth Form Biologists from the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools and 17 members of the Biology staff were delighted to welcome Dr Jack Kreindler (founder of the Harley Street Centre for Health and Human Performance and medical technology entrepreneur) to speak at our Inaugural Joint Biology Dinner on the subject of ‘The Future of Healthcare’.

We were excited to hear about new developments in the field of wireless biosensors and artificial intelligence, which he is at the cutting edge of researching and developing in Silicon Valley.  We learnt how relatively simple, cheap biosensors can be used to gather data from individuals in order to monitor a variety of parameters and predict subtle deteriorations in a person’s health.  This would allow for early medical intervention, diagnosis and treatment, which could save the NHS millions of pounds in the future as fewer people would arrive at A&E with major health crises.

After his inspirational talk, we were thrilled that Dr Jack was able to answer our questions in a 40-minute Question and Answer session.  Questions ranged from ‘How likely is it that developing countries will benefit from these new technologies?’ to ‘Should we be worried that companies will have access to our medical data in the future?’.  Dr Jack’s answers were incredibly detailed and thought provoking.   We hope to welcome Dr Jack back to Habs again very soon and hope to forge even stronger links with him in the future.