In 2018/2019 the class of ’87 are all turning 50! To celebrate this milestone, on 12 January Louisa Walters (Shulman) hosted a school reunion at her home in Mill Hill. Thirty ex-Haberdashers turned up, bringing with them old school photos, school magazines and a host of memories. They caught up on the past 32 years over prosecco, sushi and a stunning bespoke ‘50’ birthday cake by Daisy Rae Cakes in Bushey .

“It was quite surreal opening the front door to ladies who I last saw as teenagers more than three decades years ago,” said Louisa. “I asked everyone to write their maiden name on a label and stick it on their person and as the names started to appear the years rolled back. It was a wonderfully nostalgic afternoon and I loved every minute of it.”

Sarah Walker (Newland) said “My overriding impression was how little we all had changed, despite families, careers, and life experiences. It was lovely to see everyone and find out what they had been doing and where life had taken them since leaving school.”

‘It was a wonderful nostalgic afternoon, where long forgotten friendships were rekindled,” said Debby Flacks (Ahronee)

Danielle Chapman (Pulver) admitted to initially being a bit apprehensive about seeing people after such a long time but she was really glad that she went. “The girls hadn’t changed at all and it was fascinating to see how everyone’s lives had gone in such different directions. It was lovely to re-connect and hopefully we will now stay in touch and see each other more often.”

“What a wonderful afternoon we had catching up, reminiscing and sharing stories of our lives over the last 32 years! Very grateful to Louisa for hosting such a fun reunion…hoping we can do it all again before another 32 years pass and we are 82!” said Catherine Netscher (Evans).

Jennie Martin joined on FaceTime from Scotland where she now lives.

Four members of the class of ‘87 now live in Israel and are planning their own reunion later this year.