Today saw the official unveiling of our new House logos and here Mr Turner writes about the origins of the Houses and the new logos.

The Houses at Habs Girls are now in their 4th year and during that time around 20,000 House Points have been given out for a whole range of reasons ranging from being in the Excellence Book, to holding a door open, to answering a question in class, through to dancing, singing, debating, titrating, solving a Murder Mystery, painting nails, selling ribbons, henna tattooing, netball, cross country, chess, tennis and dressing up like a rabbit!

And whilst Sports Day is still ultra-competitive it has been transformed into a sea of noise, colour, face paint and some very loud chanting.

When visitors see the House Board in the foyer they are always amazed by the range of activities that take place in the House system and the question asked most often is: “What is ‘Shopping Trolleys’”? We are probably the only school that has a House event involving decorating shopping trolleys.

Our houses are named after the six headmistresses who presided over the school when it was in Acton. The House names are a fitting tribute to those six women who led the school through some very interesting times in history.  Whilst their names seemed strange at first, they have become part of the furniture at Habs Girls and another vibrant part of school life led by a hard-working group of teachers, prefects and reps.

We thought hard about how we could make the House system more visible; most House Systems in a school have a crest or a badge or a motto but we just had colours.  So, we asked the L4 to come up with some designs and after careful review some were chosen as the winners. These were created by Thishana and Lauren who are now in U4.  We took their designs and turned them into digital versions which we can easily reproduce.  Below you can see the original drawings and the final digital versions.  We think they are rather good!