This February, the Prevett Hall was transformed into a creative hub of singing, dancing and acting when the 2019 Dance and Drama Showcase exploded onto the extra-curricular scene. With over 100 students performing, this event gave students the opportunity to present their pieces to an audience. As a non-assessed, non-restrictive showcase, it was a great chance to develop performance skills and confidence levels. With the efforts of the two dance captains, Mrs Garvey and Mrs Wallace, the show was carried out seamlessly, ensuring an exciting and full-on series of performances for all 250 members of the audience.

The showcase was a testament to the versatility and creativity of Habs Girls, with performances ranging from the L4 Drama Club to the Upper School Dance Company, and the U4 Musical Theatre Club to the GCSE dance piece. The Upper School Dance Company performed to a medley, using the themes of conformity and freedom to shape their choreography. They learnt to discover and attempt new dance styles inspired by a range of songs. The Open Dance Club performed to ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa and the Middle School Dance Company performed their ‘cyber’ piece to great acclaim.

The event was also an incredible opportunity for some of our younger students to perform for the first time on the stage at Habs, allowing every dance and drama group to demonstrate the commitment they had put into the arts since September. All of the dance pieces were performed with finesse and professionalism, the culmination of many months’ worth of hard work. We felt that the showcase was a great addition to the Habs calendar, and hope that throughout the years it will encourage yet more girls at Habs to become invested in the arts.

Alex & Anya