Congratulations to Anjali in Lower 6 for being awarded Highly Commended at the Christopher Tower Poetry Competition Final last night.

Here’s her entry:

the lost sailor’s ecstatic drowning


silence collects on my skin in flakes.

in the background,      her soporific humming.

the ticker-timer of my heartbeat

is frantic;    my fingernails are purple.


we exchange sweet nothings

through the imprints        of my fingertips,

the braille of vesicles under my skin.

my breath curdles.    it’s erotic; the sweet burning

of asphyxiation.


mouth froths like whitecaps     / tongue furs over like coral     /

skin atrophies under her gentle touch.

floating higher,           my eyes roll back into my head

and i give myself,    gladly,     in devotion,      in possession.


i am thrumming    / throbbing   / transmuting.

bubbles of empty blood pop.     alveoli burst in climax;

stellate particles cartwheel          in slow motion,

pinpricks of plasma        catch the light.


words eddy, sucked away,

a question mark curled tight – don’t answer –


my soft tissues calcify.

salt constellates;

her tongue laps all over,      and

i am cannibalised   / fossilised /   hers in death



i want to have you, she whispers.

i can’t move my lips but,     you have me,

i’m sobbing silently.


we’re her secret cache;       diasporas of us

sleeping eternally      in her seabed.

left to

suffer her song    in silence.