Upper 6 students Anya, Elisa, Ruby and Rhea took part in the Joutes Oratoires 2019 held at North London Collegiate School.

The motions were:

  1. Liberté, égalité, fraternité: une fiction française.
  2. La mondialisation mène inévitablement à l’uniformisation culturelle.
  3. Il n’y a que les Etats qui puissent sauver la planète.

Ruby and Rhea reached the semi-final after qualifying in the second round against Berkhamsted and the third round against UCS. The semi-final motion was “Toutes les traditions doivent être conservées à tout prix” and after fierce competition against Highgate, they reached the final.

The final round was against Henrietta Barnett and the motion they had to prepare on the spot was “ Peut-on rire de tout?”

They now have now qualified for the National Joutes Oratoires Final at the French Institute in March.