To launch our sustainability day we heard from Sophie Thomas and Dan Epstein, from They talked us through the history of sustainability and why we should consider where our recyclables go. Toothbrushes which should be replaced every 4 months, for example, contain lots of different recyclable and unrecyclable parts that often end up floating in oceans.

Dr Bridge and Ms Saunders held a Q+A session afterwards with questions submitted by the Middle School Essay Prize Winners. We learnt that the Olympics in 2012 wanted to be the most sustainable yet, and Dan and Sophie worked on this project. They wanted to ensure that anything designed would last far longer than just for the Olympics; 75p of every £1 had to be towards something sustainable.

You can watch the assembly here (scroll to 2.51 for the start) to find out more about sustainability and what we can do to help and look at this document to see the endangered chemicals.