Written by Kriya (U4 Aleph)

Upper 4 and Lower 5 German students had an eye opening excursion to the Goethe Institute to learn more about art and culture in Germany.

They got to see photos and videos of famous German graffiti and had the opportunity to create their own during a interactive session, delivered by an inspiring teacher from the Goethe Institute. The Berlin Wall is one of the most popular graffiti places in Germany and students got to examine and understand the rationale behind some of the artwork.

They had the opportunity to visit the library where they had an extensive range of books about the German culture and history to explore and further extend their understanding.

The highlight of the trip for many was watching a film about football in Germany called ‘Der ganz große Traum’. The story explained how a teacher was credited with the introduction of football to Germany. The film gave great insight into the history of Germany and how football became to be one of the most popular sports in the country.

Visiting the Goethe Institute provided students with a unique perspective on the vibrant and diverse cultural scene in Germany. @goethe-institut_london