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Financial Assistance

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Charity is committed to providing an accessible, affordable education to girls who would most benefit from the first class facilities on offer at Habs, and to providing that opportunity on the basis of ability; regardless of social or financial circumstances.

The majority of the Charity’s support is directed to providing financial assistance for those who would otherwise find attending a fee paying school difficult, but a limited number of academic and music scholarships are also available.

What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

Academic scholarships

Scholarships are offered at entry at 11+, to candidates who have achieved outstanding results in the entrance examination and the subsequent interviews; on academic merit irrespective of financial means. Habs does not hold special scholarship examinations and no separate application is necessary. The value of scholarships is up to 50% of fees and the award is valid for the whole time that a girl studies at the school.

Music scholarships

Music Scholarships are awarded at 11+ and occasionally at 16+ to girls who show particular musical ability. Girls must pass the entrance examination and a music audition with our Director of Music to be considered.   Music scholarships can also be offered in conjunction with academic and Financial Assistance awards. Parents who feel that their daughter is eligible should fill in a music scholarship application form, available on the website.

Bursaries, or Financial Assistance

Awards of Financial Assistance are means tested and made on the basis of an assessment of the income and assets of the family. They are subject to annual review. Awards are made on a sliding scale, ranging from 10% to 100% of school fees. Girls holding full fee awards may also be given help with travel and other expenses. Awards may also take account of academic merit, and can be offered in conjunction with an academic or music scholarship. We are keen to encourage applications from parents whose daughters would benefit from attending Habs and who, in our judgement, would make a significant contribution to the life of the school, but for whom finding the school fees would be difficult.

Financial, academic and music awards continue for the time a girl remains at Habs, on the understanding that she continues to plays a full part in the life of the school, and continues to make satisfactory conduct and academic progress.  

Financial Assistance

A number of financial awards are available each year for entry at 11+, and may also be awarded for entry into the Sixth Form. Awards are made to those families whose daughters we consider would most benefit from attending the school, but who would otherwise, for financial reasons, be unable to consider making an application. They are not academic awards but applicants must have reached the required standard in the entrance examination and interview, for the offer of a place to be made.

Awards are means tested. Parents are asked to complete a Preliminary Statement of Financial Circumstances and awards are made following an assessment of household income and assets.  All information provided is treated with the strictest confidence.  When considering applications for financial assistance we consider the full family circumstances, not just income.  The final decision is made by the Headmistress.

As a guide, free places may be awarded where total assessable household gross income is below £30,000. Where an offer of a free place is made, and a girl uses the school coach service this will also be subsidised.  The ceiling for eligibility for financial support is approximately £70,000 gross. Between these two figures contributions towards fees will be on a sliding scale.

Normally, no new application for Financial Assistance can be considered once offers of places have been made, and offers cannot be reassigned if declined.

Annual Review

All awards of Financial Assistance are subject to annual review. Awards are made each year based on earnings in the previous tax year and are subject to the student continuing to meet the academic standards of the school. Subject to there being no change in circumstances, the award will continue throughout the student’s time at the school.  

Other Sources of Financial Assistance 

In addition to the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Charity fund, there are a number of educational and charitable trusts which provide assistance with tuition fees.  Further information on how to pursue such assistance may be obtained from: 

The Educational Trusts’ Forum ( or

The Educational Grants Advice Service: 01932 865619    (9-11am, Monday - Friday) 

Application Process for Financial Assistance (11+ entry)

  • Complete a Registration Form in the normal way
  • In November all applicants will receive a request to confirm the information recorded.  Included will be details of our Financial Assistance scheme and an invitation to make an application. Parents who would like to be considered for Financial Assistance should indicate their interest and request an Application Form by ticking the relevant box.  The closing date for completed applications is Thursday 14 December
  • Applicants will be asked to complete a Preliminary Statement of Financial Circumstances, giving details of the family’s financial situation, including details of earnings in the previous tax year. This is used by the school as the basis for an initial estimate of support.
  • After the Entrance Examination in January, a shortlist of candidates will be called for interview, and the Bursar will meet parents of those girls who have applied for Financial Assistance in order to discuss their application.
  • 11+ offers are made in mid-February.  The offer letter will indicate whether Financial Assistance is available and to what extent the school can assist with school fees, so that the family can decide whether or not to accept the offer.  The level of the award is subject to completion of an end of year declaration of actual income figures which will be requested in late April or early May. Details of the actual sum that can be made available will be notified in July, before the end of the school year.

For more information about the bursary application process, please contact the Bursar’s office, by email or by phone on 0208 266 2346. We will be pleased to help in any way we can.

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