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Art in the Sixth Form provides the opportunity for students to grow and mature, evolving their artistic abilities, talents and self-confidence.  It is a fantastic course for developing creativity, problem solving skills, complex analysis and critical thinking. Those who are multi-skilled are more well-rounded, hireable and capable of excelling in a much wider range of professions. The coursework element means students must adapt to the practicalities of the subject, developing your organisational and time management skills. You will be allotted your own workspace in the Sixth Form art room where you can set up your inspiration and work in progress. Many students make good use of this space during their free periods.

UNIT 1         COURSEWORK  60%

We will usually start off with a set theme to generate initial ideas and to form the basis of workshops. You will explore and experiment with a variety of media including sculpture, printing, drawing, painting, textiles and clay. One other major element of the coursework component is the personal study. It is a written form of communication showing your contextual research and understanding.

The 3 unit outcomes will be: -

  • A selection of practical work
  • The personal study will be evidenced through critical written communication showing contextual research and understanding in a minimum 1000 words of continuous prose, which may contain integrated images.  The personal study comprises 12% of the total qualification
  • Supporting studies which should relate to both 1 and 2 – a trial exam will feature in the summer term.


The Externally Set Assignment is released on 1 February and contains a theme and suggested starting points. The 15-hour exam is planned soon after the Easter holiday allowing a good length of time for research and development.

The 2 unit outcomes will be: -

  • Preparatory studies, a portfolio of practical and written development work based on the Externally Set Assignment.
  • A 15–hour period of sustained focus under examination conditions where a final outcome is produced.


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