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Drama and Theatre Studies

This course offers an exciting combination of practical and theoretical approaches to drama at advanced level.

The course does require considerable stamina, commitment and strong organisational skills.

Performance work is a key focus of the A Level as are skills of analysis, reflection and evaluation. Theatre Studies will help you work creatively and collaboratively, providing valuable transferable skills to support a huge range of future career options.

The course will focus on the following three main elements:

Drama and Theatre (written paper)

This is a formal written exam where you will study the performance and production aspects of two set texts. The final section of the exam explores the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production. This part of the course requires skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation and is assessed through a written exam.

Creating original drama (performance-based examination)

You will work in a group to create a piece of original drama influenced by the work of a chosen practitioner. You can work as either a performer, designer or director and will also produce a working notebook that is assessed alongside your practical work.

Making Theatre (performance-based examination)

This second piece of performance is based on a practical exploration of three extracts, each taken from different plays. You will apply the methodology of a prescribed practitioner to the performance of the third extract which will be examined in live performance. You will also compile a reflective report analysing and evaluating your theatrical interpretation of the extracts.

The experience of live theatre

This is an essential aspect of the course and directly supports preparation for the written examination. We will also undertake theatre workshops in order to support and develop an understanding of performance and production skills.


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