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English Language

A level English Language focuses on the ways in which we learn and use language in different contexts. Your study will include:

  • close analysis of different types and uses of language
  • exploring attitudes towards language, investigating the ways in which individuals use language in different contexts and different areas of society
  • studying language variation over time
  • studying the acquisition of language and understanding how children learn to speak and write, exploring different theories of children’s language and development

There will be the opportunity to investigate particular aspects of language that interest you, such as global English, language and gender, language and power. You will also have the opportunity to produce original writing for coursework.

What is the difference between English Language and English Literature?

A level English Literature involves the close study of texts from a literary perspective, analysing the ways in which writers use language, structure and form for literary effect.

A level English Language involves the study of a range of different texts and forms, exploring the ways in which language develops and is used, from medieval English to texting and emails.

The language course applies a more scientific, analytical approach, whereas the literature course focuses on specific writers, genres and time periods. Both courses offer the opportunity to pursue individual areas of interest for coursework.

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