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Sixth Form Life

The style of teaching and learning changes from that of GCSE; groups are smaller, encouraging a more informal relationship with teachers and creating more opportunities for independent learning. 

Girls in the Sixth Form have access to a variety of facilities, such as the Careers Sixth Form study area, the Learning Resource Centre, (LRC), or the ICT rooms which the girls are free to use for academic work in their study periods. The whole Sixth Form shares a Common Room which, as well as being a focus for socialising, also serves snacks and sandwiches throughout the day. The Sixth Form can also use the Mezzanine Café with staff and school visitors for coffee, snacks and lunch. 

A distinctive feature of life at Habs is the fact that we are based right next door to Habs Boys, living together side by side. Run separately, but enjoying the advantages of the same site, they join together for many activities, especially in the Sixth Form. Coaches are shared, bringing girls and boys from a 30 mile wide catchment area in North London and Hertfordshire. Sixth Formers from both schools act as coach stewards, attending regular meetings with staff from the schools. At lunchtime, boys and girls can meet in either of the Sixth Form Common Rooms, where gossip, news and plans are shared. Many departments in the two schools work closely, with invitations to specialist lectures and talks extended to all Sixth Formers. In July each year we organise a Leavers’ Dinner Dance at a local venue with food, music and dancing: a great farewell after A levels! We also work together on Community Service projects, organising a number of annual events for the wider community, and in the Autumn Term each school produces a major play, with the boys and girls often crossing the wall to take part in the other school’s production. Every few years, a joint production, usually a musical, is performed and there are a number of joint choirs and concerts. Both schools attract highly motivated, very able and articulate students. Our sites and styles are separate and distinct, but the aim for excellence in all our pursuits is shared.

Enrichment Studies
A carefully planned programme of enrichment studies (half of which is run jointly with the Boys’ School) provides girls with a broad and balanced curriculum as well as useful skills and knowledge. Courses are varied, ranging from a business incentive scheme, Latin to philosophy and non-examined academic Law, and include vital components on health education and critical thinking.


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