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Support & Guidance

Girls face important challenges and decisions during the Sixth Form years, and can draw upon numerous sources of advice and support.

• Girls will be in a tutor group of about fifteen girls and will meet twice daily with their tutor. This personal contact and continuous support helps girls to achieve a balance between academic work and other interests. A timetabled tutorial session every week provides good opportunities for discussion, a chance to plan targets and to monitor progress.

• The Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form, who work closely with the Form Tutors, are another source of support and guidance on any matter, academic or personal. The School Counsellor provides confidential counselling to any girl who needs it, while the Head of Careers & Higher Education provides a wealth of advice and information as girls prepare for university applications. A well-established programme of preparation for university including practice interviews is available and specific help is given if any girls are considering applying for Oxford or Cambridge or a very competitive course such as medicine. Specific careers advice and a varied selection of guest speakers will also help to prepare for the transition from school to further study.

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