Our Values | Independent School | Haberdashers' Girls' School


At Haberdashers’ Girls’ School, we are committed to providing a challenging, positive, stimulating and secure community in which each student’s sense of worth is enhanced by participating with enjoyment, whether or not they excel, and by the praise they receive for their positive contribution.

Our priority is the education of the whole person, amongst other bright, well-motivated students, taught by a highly qualified, committed staff. In partnership with parents, we try to provide every student with the intellectual, cultural, physical, moral, personal and spiritual resources they need to give them confidence to go forward into a changing world.

We are proud of our distinctive ethos of friendliness and the commitment of everyone in the Habs ‘family’.

In the Senior School, every day begins with the whole school meeting in an assembly or House meeting to explore ideas, and to reinforce the school’s values and its sense of community.

We regard the spiritual aspect of education as extremely important, and we encourage all students to attend assembly in the spirit of tolerance and willingness to understand another point of view. The school has a Christian tradition, but welcomes the rich diversity of faiths within the community.

On Thursdays separate assemblies are held: Christian; Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist; Humanist; Jewish; and Muslim. Everyone must attend one of these assemblies and students are expected to come with an open mind and a willingness to listen; differences are celebrated and enjoyed, not merely tolerated. Holy Communion takes place monthly and Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated each half term; these sometimes take place at the Boys’ School. Students may pray at lunchtime in a room set aside for them to do so.

In the Junior School there are no assemblies for specific religions and themes; stories and prayers are drawn from a range of cultures and faiths.