Miss B O’Connor, MA Oxon

Senior Deputy Head
Executive Head of Junior School

Mr R James-Robbins, BA London

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs L Winton, BA Manchester

Deputy Head (Academic)

Dr F Miles, BA Cantab

Assistant Heads

Mrs S Ashton (Staff Development), BSc Keele
Mrs R Davies (Head of Sixth Form), BA Cardiff
Mr A Doe (Head of Middle School), BA Oxon
Miss G Mellor (Director of Wellbeing), BA Exeter
Mrs C Needham (Head of Upper School), BSc Loughborough
Mr D Sabato (Teaching & Learning), BA Nottingham
Mr T Scott (Development & Marketing), MA Cantab
Mr E Stock (Director of E-Learning), MPhys Oxon
Mr S Turner (Extracurricular), BSc Brunel

Head of Careers and Higher Education

Mrs L Mee, BSc London


Miss F Hackett, BA Loughborough

Individual Educational Needs & Independent Learning

Ms A Baker, BA Oxford Brookes


Miss K Shaw, BA Manchester
Mrs S Deamer, BA Manchester
Mrs D Hobbs, BA Lancaster
Mrs S Wiseman, MA London


Mr A Doe, BA Oxon
Dr G Brunetta, MA Udine
Mrs H Johnson, BA Cantab
Mrs R Pittard, BA Cantab
Miss E Tesh, BA Cantab


Mr A Mahmoud, MSc South Bank


Mr C Howlett, BSc Dunelm
Mr G Austin, BA Warwick
Mrs I Barrett, BSc Manchester
Miss L Chelliah, BSc Kent
Mrs C Godfrey, BSc Leicester
Mrs N Gohil, BEng Aston
Mrs R Gourdin, MSc Leeds
Mrs S Lee, BSc Manchester
Mrs V Lees, BSc Cardiff
Mrs L Mee, BSc London
Mrs R Patel, BSc London
Mrs S Patel, BSc London
Mrs A Svoboda, ARCS London
Mrs L Woodville, BSc York

Modern Languages

Mrs I Fanning, MA London (Head of Spanish)
Mme A Bass, MA Le Mans, France
Sr J Carbonell, MA London
M M Fouilleul, Maitrise Caen France (Head of French)
Ms C Fenn, BA Edinburgh
Fr E Green, BA Oxon
Miss G Mellor, BA Exeter
Mme H Robinson, BA Cantab
Sra M Salvatierra-Romero, BA Seville, Spain
M M Smeaton, BA Leeds
Frl A Tebb, BA Oxon (Head of German)
Ms K Ting, BA Taiwan


Mr A Phillips, MMus London
Miss C Turner, BMus Manchester
Mr D Davies, BA Keele
Mr T Scott, MA Cantab
Ms A Turnbull, LRAM

Design Technology

Mr M Squire, BSc Southbank
Miss C Marshall, BA Portsmouth
Mr J Oliver, BA Warwick
Mr S Turner, BSc Brunel


Mrs L Wallace, BA London
Ms E Bridgeman-Williams, BA Middlesex


Mrs S Hopkin, BA Reading
Mrs K Healer, MEd Cantab


Miss I Condon, BA Manchester
Miss Z Bowie, MA London
Mrs F Graves, MA Leicester
Miss S Innocenti, BA London
Mrs L Jeffcock, BA Oxford Brookes
Mrs A Leifer, BA Birmingham
Dr F Miles, BA Cantab
Mrs K Nash, MA Cantab
Ms H Shillito, MA Glasgow
Mr D Thakerar, BA London
Ms S Walton, BA Oxon
Mrs L Winton, BA Manchester


Miss S Nanji, BA London
Mrs S Ashton, BSc Keele
Mrs C Gilbert, BA Nottingham
Mrs M McCarthy, BA London
Mrs C Needham, BSc Loughborough
Miss A Sacofsky, BA Birmingham
Miss H Wakefield, MSc Loughborough


Mr R Yarlett, BA Leicester
Mr K Davies, MA London
Mrs R Davies, BA Cardiff
Mrs C De Groot, BA Sussex
Mr P Harper, MA Oxon
Mr D Heyman, BA Oxon
Ms L Mesrie, BA Birmingham
Mr D Sabato, BA Nottingham
Mrs C Wilding, BA Bristol


Mrs C Wilding, BA Bristol


Mr D Davies, BA Keele

Religion and Philosophy

Mrs K Opie, MA London
Miss J Ahlberg, MRes Hertfordshire
Ms L Childs, BA Manchester
Mrs S Evans, MA Oxon


Miss N Percy, BSc Leeds (Director of STEM)
Miss S Adat, BSc Nottingham
Dr K Bridge, BSc Loughborough (Co-Head of Physics)
Miss C Briggs, MSc Oxon
Dr H Burgess, MA Cantab
Mrs Dabby-Joory, BSc Southampton
Miss E Dinsey, BSc London
Mr P Duddles, BEng Warwick
Miss E Frankel, BSc Nottingham
Mrs N Ghinn, BSc Nottingham
Mrs L Gupta, LLB Keele
Dr J Harvey-Barrett, BSc Newcastle (Head of Biology)
Mr G Jervis, MA London
Miss R Lane, BA Cantab
Miss L Lilley, BSc Durham
Mrs Z Makepeace-Welsh, MA Oxon
Dr M Mirza, BSc Brunel
Dr C Ruddick, BSc Exeter
Mr C Shaw, BSc London (Head of Chemistry)
Mr R Shopland, BA Exeter (Co-Head of Physics)
Ms M Smith, MPH Nottingham
Mr E Stock, MPhys Oxon

Physical Education

Miss N Burns, BSc Exeter
Miss T Dawson, BEd Greenwich
Miss N Haw, BA Leeds
Miss H Millns, BSc Leeds Beckett
Miss L Scott, BSc Exeter
Ms E Wright, MEd Mary Washington, USA

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