Senior School | Elstree | Haberdashers' Girls' School

The school follows its own wide-ranging academic curriculum tailored to the needs of its very able pupils. It preserves the best of a traditional education whilst embracing developments in teaching and learning. All Year 7 pupils are issued with an iPad to enhance their learning experience, alongside continuing to develop their writing skills.

Regardless of the subject, the curriculum aims to be something that inspires pupils and stimulates discussion and ideas. We value independent thinking, creativity and imagination and the opportunity to pursue topics beyond the confines of the exam specifications.

The school is not required to follow the National Curriculum but, in practice, all departments keep themselves up-to-date about National Curriculum requirements and developments. We draw upon the best practice of what is happening nationally and in other schools.

In the first three years of the Senior School pupils follow a set curriculum, studying French, Spanish and German on a carousel and then choosing two to continue in Year 8. As they progress up through the school they are given greater choice and the opportunity to personalise their curriculum to suit their needs and interests. Thus the GCSE curriculum has space for up to four optional subjects. In the Sixth Form pupils have a free choice of subjects from the 22 subjects we offer. At each level, the curriculum is designed to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the next stage of their education and their lives.

“ High achievement is supported by an excellent curriculum that prepares pupils for life well beyond the confines of the classroom, and is enhanced by much inspirational teaching. ”
Inspection Report 2014