On Friday 19 January a group of twelve L6 Physics A-level students visited the Institute of Physics for a workshop. Two of our L6, Sasha and Suganya, have written about the event.

The workshop consisted of 2 parts; the first being a discussion about A-level physics and the opportunities that the IOP could offer us. It was really useful to feedback and discuss our ideas of what physics meant to us, and what more could be offered to further our education.

The second part was a 3D printing workshop where we all learnt how to use 3D design tools to make a keyring which would then be printed using new technology. As well as this we could watch our designs being made and also ask questions about 3D printing and where it could take us in the future. This was extremely important as we know that it is an upcoming piece of technology, so it was great for us to experience and understand it ourselves. One memorable model made from a 3D printer was a hand-grip for disabled children without the use of their fingers. The model enabled them to put their arm inside and the movement of bending the hand allowed the fingers to bend and grip, which would be useful in their everyday lives.

Overall the trip was very inspiring, fun and informative, which helped us to understand more about physics and new technology outside of the classroom.