Early Years | Elstree | Haberdashers' Girls' School

Two classes of approximately 20 pupils each occupy their own large classroom with a secure outdoor learning area. The daily range of stimulating, play-based activities prompts them to ask questions, to discover, to wonder and to learn new skills. On one morning each week the pupils learn through our on-site Forest School.

Child-initiated opportunities are balanced with teacher-led activities. We do not set any homework in Reception or Year 1 because we want the pupils to be fresh and eager on arrival in the mornings and to enjoy the precious childhood pleasures of imaginative play and being read to by a parent at home.

With their class teacher and full-time assistant, pupils pursue the learning and development areas of the Foundation Stage. Phonics teaching enables girls to make rapid progress with reading and to gain an easy independence in their writing. The foundations of mathematical thinking are laid through carefully selected practical tasks. Pupils spend time on the class computers, laptops or iPads and in the ICT suite, mastering computing skills. Creativity is fostered in music and dance, in art, design technology, literacy activities, drama and role play. Music, French and PE lessons are taught by specialist teachers. The school grounds provide a rich environment for building knowledge about the world of nature as well as space to develop physical skills. Above all, the experience in Reception is fun and the pupils learn without realising.

“ Children in the EYFS are given an excellent educational experience which lays firm foundations for their future success. ”
Inspection Report 2014

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