Admissions at Habs | Haberdashers' Girls' School

Applications for September 2025 are now open. Please refer to the table below to check which point of entry your child is eligible for.

Junior School 4+ 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021
Junior School 7+ 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018
Senior School 11+ 1 September 2013 to 31 August 2014
Sixth Form 16+ 1 September 2008 to 31 August 2009

(This is dependent on your child’s birth date.)

4+ (Reception/Rainbow)

There are approximately 40 places available each year. 

All applicants are invited to an assessed group activity session, lasting about 50 minutes, in December. The groups are organised by age – those of a similar birth month are grouped together. Twins are invited on separate dates. 

The second stage involves a selected number of candidates, with their parents, meeting the Head of the Junior School and other members of the Leadership Team. These informal meetings are an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the school and to establish whether they think it is the right place to educate their child. It is also an opportunity for us to spend more time with the child and their family, to establish that the parents are seeking the education which the school is offering, whilst also identifying whether the ethos and values of the school and the parents are aligned.  

At 4+ the candidate’s nursery/pre-school will be asked to provide a short, written reference. 

Registration deadline Friday 22 November 2024 (12pm)
Group activity sessions Monday 16 to Thursday 19 December 2024
Interviews (with family) and 1 to 1 assessment (child) Monday 13 to Monday 23 January 2025
Offers Monday 27 January 2025
Offer holders morning Friday 31 January 2025 (10am to 11.30am)
Acceptance deadline Wednesday 5 February 2025


7+ (Year 3)

There are approximately 10 places available each year. 

All candidates will be invited to attend a formal assessment and group activity morning in November. This will consist of reading, writing and mathematics. Following this, a selected number of pupils will then be invited back for an interview, with their parents, to meet the Head of the Junior School and other members of the Leadership Team.

At this stage, a short written reference will be requested from your child’s current school.

Registration deadline Friday 8 November 2024 (12pm)
Formal assessments and group activity sessions Tuesday 26 November 2024
Interviews (with family) Monday 16 to Tuesday 17 December 2024
Offers Friday 24 January 2025
Offer holders morning Friday 31 January 2025 (10am to 11.30am)
Acceptance deadline Wednesday 5 February 2025


11+ (Year 7)

All candidates take an Entrance Examination consisting of written papers in English skills and Mathematics.

The English exam consists of questions on fiction and non-fiction texts, testing students’ ability to understand, infer and evaluate; there will also be short directed writing task which will give them an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to write effectively for a specific purpose and audience.

The Maths exam is designed to test the ability to think mathematically and logically. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with application to fractions, decimals, percentages, the metric system of weights and measures, the 12 and 24 hour clock, time problems, and questions involving geometric shapes and bar graphs. The use of calculators is not allowed.

A number of candidates are called for interview on the basis of the written examinations, and amongst these candidates offers of places are made. Candidates are not required to bring books, projects or other work with them to interview, but we do ask one or both of a child’s parents or guardians to come also at this time, to meet the Head and one of the senior staff.

Registration deadline Friday 8 November 2024 (12pm)
Entrance examinations Thursday 19 December 2024
Interviews Friday 24 to Friday 31 January 2025
Offers Thursday 13 February 2025
Acceptance deadline To be confirmed

16+ (Sixth Form)

Every year we welcome new students from all backgrounds, including both independent and maintained schools, from the UK and overseas. All become an inherent part of our nurturing and vibrant Senior School. If you are currently studying for GCSEs and would like to take your A level courses in an intellectually curious, academically stimulating environment, where there are a myriad of opportunities for leadership responsibilities and exploration beyond the curriculum, then we hope you will consider joining us.

All applications for Lower Sixth entry in September 2025 must be received by Friday 18 October.

The first stage of our selection process requires students to sit a one-hour general paper at Habs on Tuesday 5 November. If you are studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics or Computer Science you will also be asked to sit a one-hour maths paper.

The second stage subject interviews will take place on Monday 18 to Tuesday 19 November at Habs. Candidates who meet the required level in the assessment will be invited for a series of structured subject interviews; candidates will be asked to demonstrate specific skills appropriate to their chosen subjects.

Registration deadline Friday 18 October 2024
Entrance examinations Tuesday 5 November 2024
Interviews Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November 2024
Offers Monday 2 December 2024
Acceptance deadline To be confirmed


To join our Sixth Form we ask for nine GCSEs including Mathematics and English, with a minimum Grade 7 in the subjects that you wish to study, or in a related subject where the proposed course is in a new subject.

There are certain subjects where we have placed higher grade expectations to enable our students to thrive in those subjects.

  • In Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, a Grade 8 is essential, although we would recommend a Grade 9.
  • In Further Maths, a strong Grade 9 at GCSE is required.

The following new subjects require:

  • Economics and Computing – a Grade 8 in GCSE Maths is required although a Grade 9 Is recommended
  • Philosophy and Politics – a Grade 8 in a related GCSE, such as Religious Studies, English or History, is recommended.

The following subjects may allow students who have not studied GCSE to join their A Level courses:

  • Classical Civilisation
  • Computing
  • Design Engineering
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Theatre Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • PE (Physical Education

Occasional Places (Years 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10)

From time-to-time places become available in Year 4, Year 5, Upper 4 (Year 8), Lower 5 (Year 9) and Middle 5 (Year 10).

If you are interested in an Occasional Place starting in September 2025, The form will be available to complete in September 2024.

Availability of places will be confirmed before the February half term. At this point we will email you to register your child.

The admissions process will include assessments in English and Maths, and these will usually take place in March. Those who perform well will be invited to an interview; parents will also be interviewed. If your child is successful, an offer will be made before the end of the Spring Term.

For those applying from overseas, arrangements may be made for applicants to sit entrance examinations under the supervision of their current school.

Please note if you have sat the 7+ and been unsuccessful your next entry point will be Year 7 (11+) Entry.

Please note if you have sat the 11+ and been unsuccessful, the next opportunity for you to apply for an occasional place will be Year 9 (13+) entry.

For those applying for Year 8, 9 or 10 please note the language requirements:

In Upper 4 (Year 8 entry) students study two languages from French, German and Spanish. Although current Habs students will have had some teaching in these languages it would be possible for someone with no previous experience, but with hard work and determination, to pick up these languages as a beginner.

In Lower 5 (Year 9 entry) students continue to study two languages from French, German and Spanish. As current Habs students will have been studying these languages for two years previous experience of learning two of the three languages is important.

In Middle 5 (Year 10 entry) students must study at least one language at GCSE level from French, German and Spanish. Previous experience of learning one of these languages is essential.