Acting Head of Junior School

Mrs Sarah Wright

PA to Executive Head of Junior School

Mrs Bridget Howarth

Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

Mrs Linda Patel


EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Elaine Miller

KS1 Phase Leader/Maths Subject Leader

Mrs Katherine Ede

Acting LKS2 Phase Leader/Science Subject Leader

Ms Sara Tersigni

UKS2 Phase Leader/English Subject Leader

Mrs Laura Flynn


Rainbow Bobbins
Rainbow Buttons
1 Red
1 Green

2 Blue
2 Yellow

3 A
3 Alpha

4 A
4 Alpha

5 Aesc
5 Aleph

6 Aesc
6 Aleph


Mrs Elaine Miller
Mrs Caroline Chapman
Mrs Alexis Mack
Mrs Jo Millman

Mrs Kathy Ede
Miss Rebecca Nutkins

Mrs Carolyn Sawkins
Ms Sara Tersigni

Mrs Felicity Pick
Mrs Janet Nicholas

Ms Deborah Lansdown
Mrs Michele Tatman

Ms Ursula Elliot
Mrs Laura Flynn


Mrs Elaine Moseimi / Mrs Anna Roberts
Mrs Amanda Kemp / Mrs Anna Roberts
Mrs Victoria Bucolo
Mrs Susan Usher

Mrs Sonal Dhadphale
Mrs Emma Kaye / Mrs Neetu Chopra

Mrs Magda Ciucan
Mrs Magda Ciucan

Mrs Magda Ciucan
Mrs Magda Ciucan

Mrs Carole Gain
Mrs Carole Gain

Mrs Carole Gain
Mrs Carole Gain

Subject Teachers

Art and DT
Computing and IT
Individual Needs
Performing Arts


Acting Cross Phase Cover Teacher
Cross Phase Class Teacher


Miss Elee Galvin
Mrs Sue Collins
Mrs Sarah Summers / Mrs Emma Davies
Mr Nick Hobley
Mr Michael Mitcham
Mrs Jo Whiteley
Mrs Lara Liddelow / Mrs Claire Gibson /
Mrs Catherine Prendergast
Mr Nick Hobley / Mrs Linda Patel

Mrs Alexis Mack
Miss Louise Ryan

Support Staff

Junior Librarian
Mrs Christina Smith

School Receptionist
Mrs Maggie Walsh

Administrative Officer
Miss Victoria Holt

Admissions Officer
Mrs Andrea Loveless

Come to Our Next Open Morning

We encourage anyone interested in joining Habs to visit during one of our School in Action mornings, which take place throughout the year.