Seventeen schools, dozens of jazz shoes and hundreds of pupils. The Big Dance Off 2018 was an inspiring experience which pushed us all to the edge of our comfort zone. Not only did we get a whole day dedicated to dance, but we also were given the opportunity to learn from other schools and dance companies. We were amazed at the level of talent but still proud of our own achievements. The trip was a fantastic time for us to bond as a company and to develop the trust skills which are so essential when working in a team. The performance itself was a nerve-wracking but hugely enjoyable experience. We all discovered a whole new sensation on stage, one that the dance studio never was able to provide us with. The diverse range of styles of dance in the show opened our eyes to the possibilities of dance, the way it can express and create a beauty that can only be conveyed through body language. Going with the middle school dance company also helped to unite us as dancers throughout the school, realising that we shared a passion which could bring us together. Being in an auditorium full of avid dancers reassured us of the diversity of the dance world and heightened our awareness of the way dance can be an outlet of emotion. Overall, we returned inspired by the day and excited to get back into the dance studio for another year of dance ahead!

Alex & Anya (Upper 5)