Lily (M5), Anji, Phoebe, Tanya (L5) and Aya (L6) write about Architecture Club and what goes on there.

Every Tuesday after school, we budding architects and Señora Fanning meet up to let our imaginations run wild and create models of future architectural masterpieces.  All of this is created out of a professional Lego set with over 1,000 pieces which was kindly gifted to us by the Parents’ Guild. When creating our own models we are often amazed at the creative constructions that we are able to come up with. From unique roller-coasters to tall skyscrapers and lighthouses, the designs show how there are endless ways of building and creating. We often discuss what makes a good building and what our favourite buildings are from all around the globe. We think of the buildings that are around us, what makes them so successful or if they’re not then why not? We have even voted for RIBA’s (Royal Institute of British Architects) building of the year.

We take it in turns to present our designs to one another which improves our ability to speak in front of an audience, share our ideas with confidence and learn from one another all whilst working collaboratively. During the autumn term we had a tour of the new STEM building; the trip was kindly organised by Miss Percy and we were shown around by Mr Morrison the contractor. The tour showed the building and background process and gave us an insight into the variety of roles within a building project. It has allowed us to think about and evaluate the Lego buildings that we build, asking ourselves if they would hold up in real life, and if not, how can we improve our own designs? This club has been great fun for all of us and we are always looking for more budding architects to come and join us and show off their creativity!