Every year the Senior School – students and teachers – read the same book during the summer break. This year, the novel chosen was ‘Where the World Ends’ by Geraldine McCaughrean. The book is based on a true story set in St Kilda.  “Every summer Quill and his friends are put ashore on a remote sea stack to hunt birds. But this summer, no one arrives to take them home. Surely nothing but the end of the world can explain why they’ve been abandoned – cold, starving and clinging to life, in the grip of a murderous ocean. How will they survive?”

On Friday 20 September, the whole school took part in activities related to the book.  We were lucky enough to have the writer herself come into the school and answer our questions. Geraldine McCaughrean talked about how she loves words, discussed how she became a writer and explained what inspired her to write the book.

You can read a special edition of The Habs Chronicle covering the day below.