On Friday 27 September, our Lower 6 took part in a study skills workshop. Pari (Lower 6) writes about the day here,

We started with an interactive memory game, which was a fun and engaging start to the workshop. We were then introduced to a revision technique called Cornell note taking, which involved abbreviating information and self-assessment. After this, we were told about a method of learning that Ed Cooke (co-founder of Memrise) recommends, which included writing everything we know about a particular topic on blank paper, so that we could discover where the gaps in our knowledge are, while also recalling information. We were given a text and asked to use these methods in order to see how effective they really were. Many of us were surprised at how well the information stuck with us using these new study techniques.

Another skill we learned was how to prioritise tasks depending on their importance and urgency, which was extremely useful for us as new members of the Sixth Form. Through games (with edible prizes!), activities and information given by the speaker, we were all able to learn a lot, from how long it takes to forget information, to how our brains make connections. Overall, the workshop was very engaging, enjoyable and informative, and many of the techniques we learnt will help us to revise more effectively in the future.