The Middle 5 took part in a team building day recently, Hannah writes about the experience here.

In the morning, we arrived in the Prevett Hall excited to see what the team building day would hold. We were introduced to the brilliant staff from Wise-Up who gave us lots of information about our day ahead. We were then separated into groups within our new forms and set off to the school field to begin our first activity. The group activities were aimed at helping us develop our leadership skills, particularly the importance of communication, motivation and planning. Something important that we learnt was that the success of a task depends not just on leadership but how well a team can work together to ensure success. It was an enjoyable morning and was a fantastic way to learn some life skills whilst bonding with our new forms.

In the afternoon, we then proceeded with a competition between the groups. This was a challenge no Habs Girl would turn down! It was a great way to incorporate everything we had learnt in the morning into a pressurised, fun situation. Unfortunately, we had to move inside due to heavy rain, but that didn’t stop us all from trying to win the competition which we carried on back in the Prevett Hall. It was amazing to start the year off with an activity that successfully encouraged us to build bonds with our forms. I’m sure we are all looking forward to making those bonds even stronger in the future.