Assembly this morning was hosted by Miss Lane and Mr Thakerar where they invited everyone to make a very special door hanger.  One side focuses on the 7 things that I can do now (or do better) than I could 6 months ago – we learnt that Miss Lane has been growing food in her garden (her breakfast strawberries sound particularly good!) and has also been getting much better as using technology – something I think a lot of us can also claim.

Mr Thakerar shared will us his thoughts on our health and happiness rights – things that you are entitled to, and should, in fact, put at the top, not the bottom of your daily plan. We’d certainly like to be a fly on the wall when he’s singing along to karaoke or trying out new recipes!

You can watch today’s assembly here (scroll to 2.22 for start of video) and find out more about all the weird and wonderful things Miss Lane and Mr Thakerar have been getting up to during lockdown.  We are looking forward to hearing from our students about all the great things they have done over this strange period and the silver linings they have taken from it, as well as seeing their completed door hangers.