The 12th annual HABSMUN conference was held on 13 and 14 March, online this year for the first time. All delegates were extremely excited to take part since last year’s conference was cancelled, and I, along with others in Lower 6, was looking forward to chairing for the first time. With over 250 delegates from around the world participating and over 60 resolutions submitted, our first experience of online HABSMUN was promising to be a weekend of fruitful debate – and indeed, it was.

Eight committees debated relevant, topical questions that ranged from the issue of Myanmar to climate migrants, and the delegates maintained the high standard of debate that can be seen each year at HABSMUN. As a chair for the Health Committee, I witnessed impressive levels of enthusiastic debate on the topics of vaccine equality (highly relevant at the moment) and a woman’s right to choose. I was extremely impressed that the quality of discourse remained equal to a normal conference and that the delegates argued eloquently to pass logical solutions to the problems posed. Fortunately, the unique aspects of HABSMUN were also able to be maintained, and as a chair I was very entertained by the lively moments produced by my committee.

Temi, the chair for Security Council, describes her experience: ‘My favourite parts of committee were watching some of the delegates rap their points of information and the duet of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow done by two delegates to end the day. On Sunday it was General Assembly, and even though I did not get to take part in this it was very interesting watching all of the delegates speak on the issues raised and seeing what resolution each committee thought solved their problem best.’

Overall, HABSMUN 2021 was, as always, a truly unique and enjoyable experience, and we hope that next year we will be able to debate once again in person.

Talia Rubin L6