Dr Mala Mawkin (Class of 2013) is an award-winning healthcare innovation researcher, writer and speaker. She was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, Vogue UK 10 Rising Female Stars 2018 and Women of the Future UK Awards Finalist 2019. Mala also launched and hosts the Royal Society of Medicine’s Digital Health Podcast Series, sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Digital Health, and worked on projects with Harvard & Boston Children’s Hospital’s, European Space Agency, and NASA.

In her recent TEDx lecture Mala explains why she made the ‘selfish’ choice to quit her job as a doctor, and follow her own dreams. She discusses the transition between seeking external validation to being true to our authentic selves. She shares her thoughts on how we too can answer the same key question: ‘Am I Being The Authentic Me?’

Click here to watch the TEDx lecture.