Finally, the theatrical drought has ended, and we have enjoyed live performances again in school.  The Upper 5 GCSE students had all completed their technical rehearsals for their examination shows the day we finished school for the second lockdown in December… we were devastated that we didn’t get to see their final performances, but we knew that they would return…and they did.

On Friday we were treated to four original pieces of drama, all created by the students as part of their GCSE.  The work was entertaining, moving, creative and just a joy to watch.  A little tear may have been shed by the staff who were lucky enough to be in the audience.  The students prepared for the performances efficiently and were, as always, supported by the calm Mr Janes with set, sound and lighting requirements and of course, Mrs Deamer who helped with the visuals.

The fun doesn’t stop here as the Upper 5 are back on 7 May with a monologue showcase as the second part of their GCSE.  Hot on their tails will be Upper 6 who are working on a highly imaginative version of a scene from…The Scottish Play! (There are three of them, can you guess which scene it might be?)

Mrs Wallace