It was delightful to speak with Gabriella Hakim (Class of 2016) via Zoom recently and hear about her new venture ‘VacTrack’, an easily accessible app which stores your vaccine history in one place. It even includes a travel feature, recommending vaccines needed for your holiday destination and linking to your local clinics.

Gabi realised there was a problem with the current paper-based system used to store vaccination records. “As a company we are committed to delivering accessible healthcare and believe that technology has the power to democratise medicine”. She has worked hard on developing the app with two UCL alumni and their mission is to improve population health through digital health innovation.

After leaving Habs, Gabi completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from UCL, followed by an MSc in Surgical Sciences from the University of Oxford, and is currently in her first year of medicine at King’s College London. Gabi said, “I had a wonderful time studying at Habs and especially enjoyed learning Biology and Chemistry. I have some great memories of my teachers and I am thrilled to find out that a new STEM centre has been built at the school”.

Gabriella will be visiting us soon and meeting current pupils to inspire our budding entrepreneurs and scientists.

We are very proud of our alumnae’s successes and Gabriella is no exception. We would love to hear from other former students with a story to tell so please share your news with us. You can email