On 17 June, Politics Society welcomed Hannah Scollen, a former Habs student currently studying Politics and International Relations at Warwick University, to give a presentation on Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism.

Her insightful talk provided those who attended, in person and virtually, a greater awareness of different perspectives in regard to the desirability of nuclear weapons in the 21st Century. Hannah raised the issue of the desirability of nuclear weapons from the perspective of feminism in addition to realism, giving viewpoints from those such as Kenneth Waltz, who argued that nuclear weapons are worthwhile for countries to possess due to Mutually Assured Destruction (more commonly known as MAD).

An interesting discussion point for the talk was addressing the feasibility of decommissioning the world’s supply of nuclear weapons. In this discussion, Hannah, along with the attendees, concluded that although nuclear weapons are not desirable, it is not feasible for each country to get rid of their supply. The talk was thoroughly entertaining and informative and will be very beneficial for A-Level Politics students next year as they delve into their ‘Global Politics’ topic.

Erin O’ Sullivan (Lower 6)