During the summer holidays Tilly, Talia and Jamila in Upper Sixth were invited to attend the home of the English-Speaking Union (ESU), Dartmouth House. Over the past year, the three students have been working with the ESU to create a dedicated video and learning resource pack for students and teachers new to ESU competitions. Their day at Dartmouth House was spent with the ESU film crew creating new video content which will be published to schools in across the country this month. These videos will be published alongside their student and staff support guide aimed at encouraging more schools to participate in public speaking, both in a competitive and classroom setting.

An article from the latest ESU newsletter says:

…the trio decided to produce a guide for new schools taking part in the competition, answering any questions and allaying any fears they might have. Combining videos, an interview and a written booklet, it is intended to provide an introduction to the contest from the student point of view. ‘We were delighted to sponsor this project which has not only furthered the girls’ own presentation and communication skills, but which will be so valuable to countless other students.’

 Congratulations to Jamila, Talia and Tilly and we hope that schools throughout the country will find the resources they have produced useful.