On Wednesday 10 November we were privileged to welcome England Netball player Eboni Usoro-Brown. Eboni is one of the most decorated and well-known members of the Vitality Roses. The world class defender has been enjoying a long and prosperous career on the netball court for her country ever since her debut against Malawi in 2008.  She currently has 106 England caps and was part of the gold medal winning Commonwealth Games squad in 2018. Alongside being an international netball player, Eboni is a fully qualified solicitor and has a 14 month old daughter.

Eboni led two motivational speeches.  The first was at lunchtime, offered to whole school. She discussed her journey and offered tips to managing time and commitments in order to succeed. The second talk was for Lower Sixth students, Eboni focused on managing her academics with her commitments, and shared valuable tips on managing time and lifestyle to succeed. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day, Eboni was inspiring and relatable for all year groups, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have her visit Habs.

Students from Junior and senior schools also experienced a range of coaching sessions given by Eboni. Year 5 and Year 6 students enjoyed a defensive session, Year 8 students enjoyed a range of passing and movement skills.  At the end of an exciting day the U16 and U19 netball squads enjoyed an after school session focused on denying space and developing their defensive skills.

Student feedback was wonderful and positive:

  • “I had initially thought that pursuing a career in sports would mean you would not have the time for an academic career, however Eboni showed otherwise and it was very insightful.”

  • “I have been inspired to manage my time better so that I have time for work as well as other activities like music and sports.”

  • “I’m inspired by what she said about taking feedback after bad trials.”

  • “It has inspired me as I have realised that you can pursue two goals if you organise your day correctly.”

  • “I thought she was a really good speaker. Past speakers have made their achievements seem very unattainable, but she was relatable and really fun.”

  • “I also enjoyed how she was both academically successful and successful in sport,as it gave us an insight into how both can be achieved with the correct time management.”

  • “I feel less stressed about doing multiple sports and having homework and school work to balance because she told us how she balances it and it’s all about scheduling.”