Lower 4 students Arya and Shyamali share their thoughts on some recent work completed in History lessons:

Everybody has a heritage. In this project we dug deeper into where our families originated from and where they migrated to. Previously we were learning about migration and the push and pull factors on why people leave their country. We were given a lot of time to work and create out project.

We had to include a family tree, chronicles and a timeline. During this project, we learnt a lot about our heritage and origins and how horrible it was that people were forced to leave their homes. During our last lesson before half term, we had a big display of all the projects, and they were amazing!

At the end, we realised something. We noticed that all our families had migrated to England at some point of their lives. We saw a range of different stories from grandparents working in World War II to great grandparents escaping communism.

We found this project really enjoyable and we learnt so much!