On Friday 3 March two combined Year 12 teams from both the Girls’ School and the Boys’ School travelled to St Paul’s School in Barnes, London to take part in the South East Regional Forum of the European Youth Parliament UK (EYPUK). This is a team debating competition run by EYPUK, a youth-led charity, who aim to provide education for young people on a wide range of political issues facing the UK and Europe. They seek to build new skills in research, team work and public speaking, as well as confidence and friendships.

Our two teams the Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Committee of Human Rights have been meeting weekly this term in preparation for the forum, which saw them take part in a whole day of several debates on issues including: the digital skill gap, fuel poverty, mental health support for young refugees entering Europe and the re-integration of ex-prisoners.

Well done to the Human Rights Committee and Congratulations to the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, who were named co-winner of the forum and as such have been invited to the EYPUK Autumn National Session in Liverpool in September.