As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the Individual Needs department, together with the Neurodiversity Society in the Girls Senior School, set up a pop-up sensory space in the new drama studio and opened it to all senior students before school and during the lunchbreaks. Over 200 students used the space, which was open from Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 March, some staying for all available sessions, some popping in for a short time then moving on with their day, hopefully feeling relaxed and re-energised. To a calming background soundscape of forest streams or ocean waves, students could play with sensory snow, kinetic sand, rest under weighted blankets, experience a wide range of sensory toys and tactile objects, relax on a wobble stool or spend some calming time in a sensory tent.

The event was a huge success and was enthusiastically used by students in all year groups. Ms Baker, Mrs Khimasia and Mrs Turnbull look forward to running the sensory room again in the Summer Term.