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To enjoy A Level History you need to be an enthusiastic and discriminating reader, capable of organising a mass of data, analysing information, disentangling conflicting opinions and drawing independent conclusions. You will learn to write clearly and succinctly, supporting arguments with precisely selected examples.

The History department offers two exciting A-Level options designed to give you a broad overview of European and World history whether or not you intend to study the subject at university. 

The Modern World and the Search for Rights
Edexcel 1F

  • In Search of the American Dream: the USA 1917-96
  • South Africa, 1948-94: from apartheid state to 'rainbow nation'
  • Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain, 1780-1928
  • The Cold War 1945-90 (coursework)

Early Modern and Empire
Edexcel 1B

  • England, 1509-1603: authority, nation and religion
  • Luther and the German Reformation, 1515-55
  • Britain: Losing and Gaining an Empire 1763 to 1914
  • The witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America, 1580-1750

In the Sixth Form, History combines well with English, Classical and Modern Languages, Religion & Philosophy, Art and Music, or with more scientific subjects such as Geography or Economics. Pure scientists may also find a study of History an exciting yet different challenge. A qualification in History is highly valued by university departments such as Law, American Studies or Sociology as well as those departments offering traditional ‘school’ subjects.


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