The latest edition of the HABS Geographical has just been published.  It is a compilation of articles produced by current U6 students during their L6 year. The focus of the magazine derives from the students’ A level studies, writing around key themes and concepts linked to their current course; their interest and enthusiasm for Geography shines through in the latest edition.

The HABS Geographical in-house magazine is produced alongside The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. Students work collaboratively to produce well researched and supported articles on current geographical topics and issues. The collaboration between the schools is of great importance, encouraging students to share their insights and learning from their current A level courses, working together to produce outstanding articles – sharing in the schools’ aim to become more connected and more global in outlook.

It is with tremendous determination that this expert edition has been produced. The committee shaped aspects of the magazine from home. Working remotely they had to collaborate with both their teachers and peers from the Boys’ School. The circumstances of ‘lockdown’ encouraged the students to be more creative and resilient than ever and the result is evident in the magazine.

We thank the HABS Geographical committee for all their hard work. Enjoy the read 😊.