On Thursday 11 November, the Habs Hindu Society from both schools organised a Garba evening for all years and all faiths to come together and experience a traditional Gujarati folk dance, traditionally done during the festival of Nine Nights called Navaratri, dedicated to the Divine Feminine. It is also done during the festival of Sharad Purnima which celebrates the God Krishna who we worshipped on the night of the Habs Garba.

The night stated with our amazing team of volunteers helping set up the hall with fairy lights and Saris and the main statue of Krishna. After the opening prayers, we started the night with the three-clap dance called Tran Tali, which lasted around half an hour. It was really enjoyable, and everyone got involved.

After the first dance we had a quick explanation of the meaning behind the night and then we did the aarti ceremony which everyone respectfully observed whilst the main committee consisting of Krish (L6C1), Rohan (L6R1), Kairav (L6C2) from the Boys’ school and Simran S and Nikisha P from the Girls’ school, did the aarti on behalf of all present. After the aarti, we served food and had a break for everyone to socialise.

After the break we had Dylan (11S1) playing the dhol accompanied with the tabla by Yash (L6R2) which everyone danced to, followed by dandiya raas which went on for fifteen minutes, which everyone learnt quite quickly. Then we had Ramjaniyu to the dhol which everyone energetically danced to. Ramjaniyu was the highlight of everyone’s night with the entire hall dancing for a long time. The dhol player then played some bhangra which was the perfect end to the night.

To close the night off, we announced the winners of the best dressed competition, one from the Boys School and one from the Girls School.

Overall, the night was a huge success with everyone putting their best effort in to learn all the dances. Everyone had fun with their friends, and we can’t wait to hold the event again.

Written by Krish (L6C1) and Nikisha P